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How the heck do you sum up a wedding weekend like Jeff & Ashley’s? Destination Wedding in Jamaica?! So. Much. Fun. We got to spend 5 days with their friends and family in Montego Bay at the Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall resort, so we got to know everyone well and had a blast lounging in the sun (in the middle of Seattle winter)! Jeff, in his speech to Ashley during the wedding, mentioned something that stuck out to me: “When I found Ashley, I feel like I found my home.” I absolutely love that! Something we should all hope to find is someone we can be completely ourselves with, when all the walls we put up around us come crashing down. Jeff and Ashley, so glad you guys found each other! ☺️👏🏼

Scrolling down you will find gorgeous ocean views, a groomsman selfie, bouquet toss dives and more! // Ashley’s Dress: La Belle Elaine // Ashley’s Shoes: Jimmy Choo // Hair/Make-up (Bride and Bridesmaids): Ashley Smith from Studio 229 // Jamaican Steel Drum Band: Silver Birds Entertainment // Venue: Hyatt Zilara Rose Hall Wedding

Eric and Jordan have known each other since High School and it’s safe to say it shows in the photos. Okay, how many times will I say this, Seattle weather forecasters are the worst! It was “supposed to rain” during the entire photo-shoot, and then we show up, and it’s nice and sunny with a touch of clouds. Towards the end of our time together, the clouds rolled in and it was just overcast (beautiful) for awhile.. Ugh.. I swear, Weather-people in the Pacific NorthWest love messing with my emotions (and other photographers and brides all around the PNW). Had a great time over at the University of Washington, classic Quad Cherry Blossoms (was like Disneyland, most people I have EVER seen there). Then we cruised over to grab the epic Seattle view from Gas Works Park, A MUST for anyone who hasn’t been! Gotta love the Kenmore Air plane fly-by, thanks Eric/Jordan for the epic pics! 🙂

What to say about these two. Well, they met on Tinder, but do NOT judge this book by it’s opening tagline! Marshall was pretty sold on Jaimie after that first Tinder date. In fact, he even tried to slip in the whole “would you be my date for my sister’s wedding” line in during the next couple times they saw each other. When he asked her at first, she kind of blew it off as if she hadn’t heard it, but secretly was like, “Whaaaaat, did he just ask me that?” Well she went to his sister’s wedding, looked around, and realized, wow, this is it, Marshall’s the one! Just scroll down through the pics and see if you can’t see the love! 💏 We had a blast cruising around Butterfly Beach (Montecito) and strolling through the luscious gardens of the Four Seasons Biltmore. Can’t you tell Jaimie and Marshall are flipping into each other? 😄🙌🏼

Well it’s always difficult choosing favorites at the end of each year, but it’s a fun challenge. Plus, at the end of the every year, it’s fun to reflect on all that you did and saw, and what better way to re-live 2016, than through epic photos? Julia and I definitely had a lot of fun and travel working with fantastic people; an exhausting 2016, but hard to complain when we enjoyed so much of it! Scroll on down for some eye-candy and good times. You’ll find a few dancing gems at the bottom.. 👌🏼😘💃🏼

And every now and then (every single wedding) we get on the dance floor and cut a very mean rug. 😄👌🏼

Of course, we all know Seattle’s tendency… 😆🏃🏻☔️

Thanks to a million incredible vendors we got to work with this year, all of our EPIC clients; it would take too long to tag them all in this post. What a YEAR. In total, we traveled to Santa Barbara, San Diego, Dallas, San Antonio, Seattle, San Jose, Annapolis, Quito, Whidbey Island, Asheville, Gig Harbor, Portland, Custer State Park, Montego Bay, Olympia, San Francisco, Roche Harbor, Bellingham, Washington DC, Seabeck, Goleta, Seaside, Snohomish.. goodness, that’s a mouthful! As always, if you like what you see, “Tell your friends.” Thanks for following along! Cheers to an awesome 2016, with great hopes for an incredible 2017 😄💥🙌🏼💥😄