( Coffee / Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Dessert / Tourism / Views / Hikes )

“But first, Coffee!”

General Porpoise Doughnuts (1020 E. Union St // Seattle, WA 98122)
Similar to Milstead and Co, they handpick their favorite beans from different roasters around the world AND THEY SERVE LIFE-CHANGING DOUGHNUTS!

Milstead and Co. (770 N 34th St // Seattle, WA 98103)
They don’t roast their own, but they hand-pick the coffee beans they serve from the best coffee-roasters around the globe.

Stumptown Coffee (1115 12th Ave // Seattle, WA 98122)
Originated in Portland, OR, they are some of the finest coffee roasters in the world. This is a full-on hipster spot. You won’t see anyone behind the bar without at least 2 piercings or tattoos (a sign of great baristas).

Analog Coffee (235 Summit Ave E // Seattle, WA 98102)
These guys are another multi-roaster. Go to this coffee shop for the location: it’s in a quaint neighborhood on Capitol Hill. Very simple, very clean, and very good coffee!

Storyville Coffee (a few locations in Seattle) Pike Place Market has an upstairs locale. MUST TRY = Cinnamon Roll. Gorgeous interior, all proceeds go to local non-profits.

“What’s the Best Breakfast?”

Portage Bay (a few locations in Seattle, U-District was the first)
A Seattle classic. There will always be a wait Saturday/Sunday so try and go early to beat the rush. They have a “breakfast bar” which allows you to put on all your own toppings on any pancake or French toast meal.. butter/whipped cream/syrup/berries.

Americana (219 Broadway E // Seattle, WA 98102)
Killer brunch. It’s a bar at night, but in the morning and through lunch it’s an incredible breakfast/brunch spot. Free refills on coffee while you wait in line for a seat.

Voula’s Offshore Cafe (658 NE Northlake Way // Seattle, WA 98105)
If you want old-school, diner buttermilk pancakes, eggs, bacon, this is your spot. You’ll see some characters here for sure. Omelets here are amazing also.

Chace’s Pancake Corral (1606 Bellevue Way SE // Bellevue, WA 98004)
Similar to “Voula’s”, this is an old-school diner-style breakfast, there will most definitely be a wait Saturday/Sunday, so come prepared to hang out while.

“What’s for Lunch?”

Un Bien (formerly known as “Paseo” (7302 15th Ave NW // Seattle, WA 98117)
They serve the BEST sandwich in the world. Cuban Sandwich, marinated all day long in their signature sauce. Get ready for a life-changing experience. Order the Pork-Shoulder). You won’t be sorry. (check their hours online, they aren’t open Mon or Tues) *Keep in mind, there is a “Paseo Restaurant” in Seattle, but it’s under new ownership now, so be sure to check THIS place for the original “Paseo Sandwich.” J

8oz Burger & Co (2 locations, 1 in Capitol Hill, 1 in Ballard)
Everything on the menu is good. Dinner here works great too! They take great care to give you a unique selection of burger options and incredible appetizers (including the “8 oz” and the “Sweet Potato Tots”), strap in and get your burger on.

Little Brother (Kirkland) (456 Central Way, Kirkland, WA 98033)
Life-Changing waffles and open-faced sandwiches (Tartines) from 9:30am until 2:30pm. Tues-Sat. European-style, EVERYTHING is local and organic, down to the butter! Good coffee (local roaster Victrola), and fantastic service. Julia has worked here as a line cook since November of 2016.

Homegrown Sandwiches (a few locations in Seattle)
“Sustainable Sandwiches.” This place makes sandwiches from all organic ingredients. Definitely order the turkey/bacon/avocado sandwich with a home-made Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Chick-fil-A (2 locations in Seattle)
Don’t think we would forget to mention the BEST FOOD IN THE WORLD. Please stop on by and say hey to the owner/operator (Valerie in Bellevue, Paul in Lynnwood) for us.


“How About Dinner?”

Odd Fellows Café (1525 10th Avenue // Seattle, WA 98122)
Great farm-to-table style restaurant. Great service, great food. Definitely a nicer dinner spot, be prepared to spend about $30-40 per person including a glass of wine.

Umi Sake House (2230 1st Ave // Seattle, WA 98121)
Go from 4-6pm for an incredible Happy Hour. Good vibes, parking is Rough in this neighborhood (Bell Town)

Momiji Sushi (1522 12th Ave // Seattle, WA 98122)
Best sushi in town in our book. Fresh Sashimi and Nigiri. Some real fun rolls that will blow your taste buds’ minds.

Cactus Restaurant (a few locations here in Seattle)
Some of the best Mexican Food you can get in Seattle. Great drinks from the bar, fantastic food. MUST order “Camarones del Diablo” and the “Patrón Margarita” 

The Matador Restaurant & Bar (location in Ballard is best)
Best nachos in town. Order any day in between 4-6pm and after 10pm and get them for $5 (it’s totally worth the extra money it costs to add steak also).

Thai Tom (4543 University Way NE // Seattle, WA 98105)
Best Thai food in Seattle. They are crammed for space, so make sure to put in your name and have a plan to wait around.

Stoneburner Restaurant (5214 Ballard Ave NW // Seattle, WA 98107)
Awesome pizzas and other eats, cool atmosphere, a little dressy, class it up and enjoy!

Canlis Restaurant (2576 Aurora Ave N, Seattle, WA)
This is the finest restaurant in Seattle. You won’t regret ordering any food or wine on this menu (You Must make reservations weeks before time, Must dress above business casual and this will hurt your pocket book ($100 per person). This is an anniversary dinner spot)


“What if it’s late?”

Dicks Drive In (Few chains in Seattle)
If you want a great late-night shake or greasy burger and fries, THIS is the place to go.

Lil’ Woody’s Burgers (1 in Capitol Hill, 1 in Ballard)
Awesome late night burgers and fries. Order the Big Woody with a basket of fries (to share with friends) and the Molly Moon’s Chocolate shake (not to share ;)

Beth’s Cafe (7311 Aurora Ave N // Seattle, WA 98103)
Ultimate Greasy spoon. “World Famous Omelets.” Open since 1954. Open 24-7!!


“What about Dessert?”

Molly Moons Ice Cream (1622 North 45th Street // Seattle, WA 98103-6702)
Try the Salted Caramel or “Scout Mint” made from Girl Scout Cookies. They have great dairy-free options as well. Incredible.

Hot Cakes (first location in Ballard, and another in Capitol Hill)
Handmade desserts, all organic, different gluten or dairy free options. Definitely get the Homemade Cookie and Ice Cream.. oh boy.. Life-Changer.

Cupcake Royal (a few locations in Seattle)
Incredible cupcakes if that’s your forte.

Hello Robin Cookies (522 19th Ave. E. // Seattle, WA 98112)
You don’t even want to know how GOOD these cookies are.. or do you?

Old School Frozen Custard (Couple locations in Seattle)
Do you like frozen custard? If so, go here and Get Some.


“I Want to be a Tourist for a Day.. or Two.”

Pike Place Market (1600 Pike Place // Seattle, WA 98101)
Walk through, check out all the fresh fish, flowers, fruits, and vegetables re-stocked by local farmers daily. Check out all the street performers, the artisan market, and the beautiful views of the Puget Sound inlet found at the end park (Victor Steinbrueck Park).

The FIRST Starbucks in the World (1912 Pike Place // Seattle, WA 98101)
Please don’t go here for the coffee. JUST go for the tourist experience of being able to say “I went to the first Starbucks ever.” **This is also in the middle of Seattle’s main tourist attraction, Pike Place Market.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery (1124 Pike St // Seattle, WA)‎
Starbucks’ attempt at making specialty coffee. The coffee isn’t super impressive BUT the space is $20million worth of coffee-snobbery and gorgeous interior design. You have to check this out.

Ballard Locks (3015 54th St // NW, Seattle, WA)‎
The Ballard Locks provides a link for boats between the salt water of Puget Sound and the fresh water of the Ship Canal. Just north of the locks are the Carl S. English, Jr. Botanical Garden, perfect for a relaxing stroll all year round, and the Visitor Center, which features displays on the history and operations of the Lake Washington Ship Canal.

Volunteer Park (1247 15th Ave E // Seattle, WA 98112)
Home of the Asian Art Museum and Volunteer Park Conservatory, this is one of Seattle’s original City Parks. This is the perfect place for an afternoon Spring/Summer/Fall stroll. If you want to see all the colors of the rainbow manifest in any plant-life, this is the place to be. Also, there’s a fantastic view of Seattle at the top of the water-tower.


“Show me the Best Views.”

Gas Works Park (2101 N Northlake Way // Seattle, WA)
Originally an Oil-Refinery, the City of Seattle purchased the property and made it into one of Seattle’s best parks. Arguably the best view of Seattle (from the ground).

Kerry Park (250 W Highland Dr // Seattle, WA 98119) ‎
On Queen Anne Hill, you can see Seattle’s Space Needle in all its glory. Arguably Seattle’s best view point (from the ground).

Columbia Tower Sky View (701 5th Ave, Columbia Street // Seattle, WA 98104)
Contrary to popular belief, the Space Needle is NOT the best view of Seattle. It is half the height of the Columbia Tower. Wouldn’t you rather be on the 73rd floor of the second-tallest building in the West Coast? This view is absolutely breathtaking + they have beer and wine at the top; you’ll want to go here on a gorgeous day. ALSO, it only costs Adults $14.25, Students, Military, Kids 6-12 $9

Hamilton Viewpoint Park (1120 California Way SW // Seattle, WA 98116)
A little bit of a drive, but this is the view from the SW looking at Downtown Seattle


“Any Good Hikes?”

Discovery Park (3801 Discovery Park Blvd // Seattle, WA 98199)
Gorgeous public park, if you want to take some blankets, this would be an awesome place for a Whole Foods Picnic. If you want a hike, you can park at either one of the parking lots and walk all the way down to the Lighthouse (30min walk)

Poo Poo Point (search on Google maps)
If hiking and getting an exercise is your jam, then this hike will be great for you. It’s straight up and you get a gorgeous view at the top! Also, not too far away from Downtown Seattle.

Rattlesnake Ridge: (North Bend, WA)
Great hike to do! Round trip = 4 Miles. If you go up on a sunny weekend day, expect to see hundreds of people.. Otherwise, go up on a rainy weekday for less congestion.