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Paris, What a place.. right? So the great thing is, no one ever gets sick of looking at Paris photos.. do they? Or don’t they? Or do you? Well, I don’t. It’s one of those places that is timelessly gorgeous, always inspiring, always romantic, and always expensive. 😜 But serious, the last time Julia and I went, we both had terrible colds/coughs, and it was still an epic few days. Walking the streets, listening to the French language, soaking in the accordion vibes, seeing all the tourists.. well, everything except for the tourist part.. So I am guaranteeing the best-selling selfie-stick-corner is going to be right under Le Tour Eiffel. WOW. Never seen so many dang selfie-sticks in my entire life. I even offered to take photos for people, “I’m a professional photographer; happy to take a photo for you!” — “No thanks, we have the selfie stick, appreciate it though!” — Serious? Ohhhh.. that’s right, because you’d rather look at your face yourself to see if you look perfect in the photo (little do you know that the “selfie camera” on your iPhone is lower-quality than the other side of the camera, therefore you’ll get less quality out of your photo… but you don’t need to know that since all you will ever do with that photo is post it to social media, am I right? Okay.. off my soap box.. Now for the fun stuff.

Please scroll down and enjoy photos from Paris–a mix: Film Photos (by Julia Joy), iPhone & 5D Mark III photos (taken by both of us)

Locks of Love.. there used to be a specific “Lock Bridge,” but they actually had to shut it down because so many thousands and thousands of people were “locking up” their love that they ran out of lock-space.. So they shut down the lock bridge, only to find that people were going to keep the tradition strong around the corner on some random fences nearby.. Power to the People. (See NYTimes article Here)This roll of film actually broke… SO DEPRESSING. We had walked all around Copenhagen, and other parts of Sweden for the past couple weeks, and Julia had been snapping some pics. Then took a few last photos in Paris, only to find that somehow the roll got unhooked on the inside of the camera.. and when we opened the camera up to switch rolls… all the film was out, exposed, and ruined. It was definitely a tough moment, realizing all those moments captured weren’t coming back. Made us feel for the people who, back in the day, ONLY had film, no digital back-ups of anything. And if the film got ruined.. it just.. got ruined..

What a babe. You guys. This girl. All that beauty, all that grace, all that love, packed into one little woman. That’s impressive! 😍

aaaand… SELFIE TYMEEEE! Goodness gracious.. wayyyyy too much of this crap going on in Paris. I mean, for sure, you HAVE to take a selfie every now and then. But ONE is enough, cool? ENJOY what you are actually looking at people! 😄👌🏼

Tuileries Garden.. or Jardin des Tuileries.. man alive, what a dreamy place, especially at sunset.

Even though I was living off of 4 hours of sleep/coughing, this is how I felt strolling through Paris at sunset 😁🙌🏼

Banana/Nutella Crepe near the foot of the Eiffel Tower….. YES PLEASE. 😱

See I told you the Selfie-Camera on your iPhone is worse quality than the main camera.. 😆

Please stop.. Stop it please.. EVERYWHERE you go, EVERYwhere you, everyWHERE  you go.. iPad Photographers 😵

I know Notre Dame looks big in photos, but when you see it in person, you don’t have words to describe it. It’s like: 😱😱😱

Flying buttresses everywhere (I learned that word in 5th grade?) Quasimodo, where are you?!

Basilique du Sacré-Coeur. None like it in the world. The white church. On top of a hill. Beautiful views of the city. Paris.

Julia Joy took this one with the film camera. SUCH a cool pic!

Julia wrote about this Ham Crepe (we bought from a street vendor next to the Eiffel Tower).. maybe she’ll let me share her musings, she describes the crepe as a “life-altering” experience.. or maybe that’s me, I can’t remember? 😆

This was on the plane headed back to USA (pretty sure this is somewhere over Greenland).

Thanks for re-living our Paris journey with us. Hope you felt some inspiration and remembered the beauty our world has, because if we can’t remember the beauty amidst all the bad news we hear everyday, what’s the point?

-Char Beck