Jaimie + Marshall :: Butterfly Beach Engagement Photos :: Four Seasons Biltmore Engagement :: Santa Barbara Courthouse

What to say about these two. Well, they met on Tinder, but do NOT judge this book by it’s opening tagline! Marshall was pretty sold on Jaimie after that first Tinder date. In fact, he even tried to slip in the whole “would you be my date for my sister’s wedding” line in during the next couple times they saw each other. When he asked her at first, she kind of blew it off as if she hadn’t heard it, but secretly was like, “Whaaaaat, did he just ask me that?” Well she went to his sister’s wedding, looked around, and realized, wow, this is it, Marshall’s the one! Just scroll down through the pics and see if you can’t see the love! 💏 We had a blast cruising around Butterfly Beach (Montecito) and strolling through the luscious gardens of the Four Seasons Biltmore. Can’t you tell Jaimie and Marshall are flipping into each other? 😄🙌🏼