Eric + Jordan :: Seattle Engagement Photos :: Gas Works Park :: University Washington :: Suzzallo Library :: UW Engagement Photos

Eric and Jordan have known each other since High School and it’s safe to say it shows in the photos. Okay, how many times will I say this, Seattle weather forecasters are the worst! It was “supposed to rain” during the entire photo-shoot, and then we show up, and it’s nice and sunny with a touch of clouds. Towards the end of our time together, the clouds rolled in and it was just overcast (beautiful) for awhile.. Ugh.. I swear, Weather-people in the Pacific NorthWest love messing with my emotions (and other photographers and brides all around the PNW). Had a great time over at the University of Washington, classic Quad Cherry Blossoms (was like Disneyland, most people I have EVER seen there). Then we cruised over to grab the epic Seattle view from Gas Works Park, A MUST for anyone who hasn’t been! Gotta love the Kenmore Air plane fly-by, thanks Eric/Jordan for the epic pics! 🙂