Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

EQUIPMENT? I shoot with two Canon 5d Mark III cameras. Lenses: Canon 50mm f/1.2, Canon 35mm f/1.4, Canon 135mm f/2.0, Canon 15mm Fisheye, Canon 50mm Macro f/2.5

EXPERIENCE? I’ve shot over 125 weddings since my first one in 2006.

FIRST LOOK? About 90% of the weddings I shoot, the bride and groom see each other BEFORE the ceremony (which is what “First Look” means). I’ve done both the first look and the traditional “don’t see each other until the ceremony” vibe. Contrary to what critics of the First Look might say, I believe the first look does NOT take away from the WEIGHT of that precious ceremony moment, when the bride is walking down the aisle, and the groom sees her. In fact, my wife Julia didn’t cry at the first look, but she BALLED while walking down the aisle because most brides think of THAT moment their whole life :) I highly recommend a First Look because that way the bride/groom, wedding party, and family don’t feel super rushed when taking photos. Everyone will be more relaxed, enjoy the wedding more, and therefore, once they arrive the ceremony, it’s PARTY ON! Ceremony, into the cocktail hour, then reception, and there you go, no more posed photos (unless you want to do some quick photos at sunset) :)

DEPOSITS? I require approximately 1/3 deposit upon contract signing

CONTRACTS/PAYMENT? I do all of my contracts online. We can discuss payment options later :)

UNLIMITED RIGHTS? With all photo shoots, I provide “Unlimited Rights” to your photos, which means you can share the photos with anyone (no watermarks), and you get an online gallery which allows you to download all high resolution photos (for free) and order prints online if desired. Ask me for examples of an online gallery like this one, and I’ll be happy to help!

EDITING? For Portrait sessions, it takes me about 2 weeks to get you your photos, and for weddings, it takes up to 8 weeks. I edit every single photo I give you. This means color correction, blemish control, and cropping.

RAW FILES? The reason I don’t give people the RAW files of their wedding is because I take around 3000 photos at a wedding, which means that for the time it would take you to go through and choose your favorites, you would basically have taken on a part time job that doesn’t pay you any money. I have shot over 125 weddings, so I know the difference between a good photo, and a NOT good photo ;) I will provide couples at least 400 fantastic photos from their wedding day.. that is a LOT of photos.