About Me

Hey! I’m Char Beck and I believe that your epic photos are the result of a great experience.

Last year, a bride called me the day before her wedding, “What should we do? It’s forecasted to rain 100%!” — “I know,” I said, “We should still plan on doing photos outside. The weather-guessers can NEVER nail down the hour-to-hour weather forecast. I have shot tons of weddings where it was supposed to rain and nothing happened!” Well guess what, it ended up raining on her wedding day, BUT during the time we needed to get all the portraits done, the sun was shining and the clouds parted!

That story should help you get to know me better. I REALLY give a crap about the people I work with :) I want you to be able to call me the day before your wedding if you’re worried. I want to help you relax and enjoy your wedding. That, to me, is the PURPOSE of every wedding: to ENJOY IT. Your family and friends are all together celebrating YOU!

Yea, but how will you make me feel comfortable in front of that big camera? Well, I’m not that into posing; I get to know you and help you relax by interacting with you. I don’t look at it as “taking photos” as much “hanging out” together and snapping some pics in between moments or whenever I see an epic photo-opp. I capture you at the moment you forget I am there, and my hope is by the end of the shoot, you will have forgotten that you didn’t know how to smile at a camera :) Okay enough about me, I’d love to get to know YOU! CONTACT ME


You can be sure I’m the guy for the job IF…

-you want to have fun and enjoy your photo shoot

-you want someone who will actually respond to your emails and texts

-you want a photographer who is very thoughtful about your wedding schedule while also flexible and willing to find a way to make it work if the schedule shifts because of unforeseen complications (like a bad hair day ;)

-you want to blow your mind when you receive your wedding photos

-you want a photographer who is Experienced (I’ve shot over 150 weddings in the last 10 years)

-you want to be treated with love and respect

-you want to remember your wedding is all about celebrating your love for one another!

-you’re not sure you’re photogenic (or you maybe you are :)

-you want bright, vivid photos, like “man that color is popping!” (But NOT like “woah that photo was edited WAY too much”)

-you don’t want to lose your wedding photos (I make double back ups of all my hard drives on the cloud :)

-you want family photos to be painless and over with quickly :)

-you want high-resolution photos with unlimited printing rights and absolutely no watermarks

-you want your wedding photos in an online gallery that’s SUPER easy to share with friends and family (no DVDs, no flash drives, no hassles :)

-you want to be reminded to actually eat and to drink plenty of water on your wedding day ;)

-you want Epic dance party photos

-you want your photos to last forever, but the GOOD kind of last forever, not the Uncle-Arnold-Took-These-On-His-iPad kind of last forever :)





-I flipping LOVE my wife Julia (photo above; we’ve been married 3 years :)

-I’m super thankful for my amazing family and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND hiring my brothers Ross & Sid (DJ & Video) so that you can have what we call the “Tri-Beck-ta” of wedding vendors at your celebration!

-I love giving money away! :) My wife and I support different non-profits all around the world; I usually take one international trip per year to help tell visual stories for non-profits.

-I’m really into hipster coffee (good latte art and well-roasted)

-I grew up in Santa Barbara, but i’m all about Seattle now (have lived here since 2004), ask me for my “Seattle Recommendations PDF,” it’s a list of favorite things to do and places to eat

-Okay seriously, enough about me, how about YOU? CONTACT ME, and we can jump on Skype, or grab a cup of coffee!